Download this webpage in PDF format Air Force buys Star Trek logo for cyber NAF

10/27/2008 — BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, LOUISIANA (AFPN) — "Star Trek" is one of the most recognizable science fiction series of all time, and the Air Force has decided to join in on the recognition. AFCYBER (P) has purchased the rights to use the famous "arrowhead insignia" that adorns many crewmen uniforms and starship hulls in the movies & TV episodes.

Air Force buys Star Trek logo for cyber NAF The AFCYBER (P) team, led by Maj. Gen. William T. Lord, sought out the Star Trek emblem after Air Force officials announced they will merge cyber and space operations under a single major command. "Most military emblems harken to a glorious past, like our original idea to bring back the SAC (Strategic Air Command) patch," General Lord explained. "But we recently have come to believe the Air Force must be defined not by its terrestrial past, but rather by its cyber and space future. With the merging of cyber and space as 'peer equivalents,' we felt this was a unique situation that called for a futuristic emblem."

General Lord said that merging cyber and space operations under a single command makes sense because there are "great synergies in the cyber business and in the space domain." The command's new Star Trek-inspired emblem will go a long way to bolster morale among the assigned personnel, many of whom are fans of the legendary series. "Our peer-equivalent Airmen will become more effective in both cyber and space" because they'll wear the same futuristic emblem on their uniforms, he explained.

General Lord added that because cyber and space are equivalent operations, the newly merged mission will simply be called "cyber-space." And, because space is a really just a subset of cyber, he expects network-savvy Airmen will quickly rise up the ranks to take command of space units.

AFCYBER (P) took the bold move to purchase exclusive rights to the Star Trek emblem for operational security reasons. "None of our peer competitors in cyber-space may legally wear this emblem," revealed Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap, the Air Force deputy judge advocate general. "By purchasing exclusive rights, we have established a sovereign option for the entire Star Trek franchise. The Air Force is fully prepared to defend our emblem and we are fully capable of defending it."