Parody Squadron hosts international 'Cyber Wingman' program
OSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA (AFPN) — First Lts. Mike McCarthy and Al Chang from the 25th Computer Fighter Squadron at Osan Air Base, South Korea, discuss Cisco network routing paths as they prepare for an upcoming mission with Capt. Pak Chan-mu and Maj. Chong Hyaon-dong from the 15th Computer Wing at Seoul Air Base. The 51st Fighter Wing hosted a combined exchange exercise called the Cyber Wingman Program this week, with the participation from the 25 CFS here and the South Korean 15th CW. The cyber crew members trained together allowing both units to introduce tactics and improve interoperability between the two countries' military networks. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Stephenie Wade)
Parody Computer security team provides safety net for Airmen
UNDIS­CLOSED LOCA­TION, SOUTH­WEST ASIA (AFPN) — Staff Sgt. Valerie Brunelle-Allen answers Frequently Asked Ques­tions (FAQs) before handing out cyber side­arms for a mission at an air base in South­west Asia. She is a Com­pu­ter Secu­rity Escort Team Inter­net (C-SETI) member with the 386th Expe­di­tionary Com­pu­ter Secu­rity Forces Squad­ron. When not on a mission, the C-SETI members spend their time training or re­viewing pro­ce­dures to build secure web­sites. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Courtney Richardson)
Parody Joint Cyberpace Operations Center
VANDEN­BERG AIR FORCE BASE, CALI­FOR­NIA (AFPN) — Tech. Sgt. Michael Roberts, an anti­virus soft­ware up­date journey­man at the Joint Cyber­space Opera­tions Center at Van­den­berg Air Force Base, Calif., demon­strates his ability to type with­out looking at the key­board during an unannounced Stan­dards & Eval­u­a­tions pro­fi­ciency exami­na­tion. The pur­pose of "blind typing" is to ensure Airmen can sur­vive & operate if an enemy shuts down the elec­tri­cal power grid that main­tains non-critical lighting sys­tems in a combat com­pu­ter facility. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Vanessa Valentine)
Parody Joint Base Balad Airmen patrol Iraq villages for rogue Wi-Fi hotspots
BAKR VILLAGE, IRAQ (AFPN) — Senior Airman Brian Hafner con­ducts a com­pu­ter secu­rity sweep during a patrol in Bakr Village in support of Oper­a­tion Inter­net Free­dom. His team is assigned to search for ter­rorists who up­date their web­sites using rogue Wi-Fi hot­spots. He is assigned to the 532nd Com­pu­ter Secu­rity Forces Squad­ron at Joint Base Balad, Iraq. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. James L. Harper Jr.)
Parody Who you gonna call?
UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, SOUTH­WEST ASIA (AFPN) — Staff Sgt. Trevor Fettig pre­pares to analyze a digital sample for con­tam­i­na­tion during a unit exercise March 27 at an air base in South­west Asia. Ser­geant Fettig, a readi­ness anti­virus manage­ment journey­man with the 379th Expedi­tionary Com­pu­ter Engi­neer Squad­ron, hails from Lompoc, Calif., and is deployed from Travis Air Force Base, Calif. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Andrew Satran)
Parody Manas members pledge to stop cyber assault before it starts
MANAS AIR BASE, KYRGYZSTAN (AFPN) — Capt. Jamie Fanning, 376th Air Expeditionary Wing cyber assault response coordinator, speaks at a workshop April 8 for a National Cyber Assault Aware­ness Month day of action at Manas Air Base. The 2009 CAAM focus, "Our strength is for defending," high­lights the fact that mili­tary missions not only involve national defense, but the defense and safety of the Ameri­cans who volun­tarily risk iden­tity theft in defense for peace. Captain Fanning is deployed from the 52nd Fighter Wing at Spang­dahlem AB, Germany, where she also serves as the CARC. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Elizabeth Weinberg)
Parody Keeping up with the news
KUNSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA (AFPN) — Senior Airmen Gustavo Gonzalez visits a com­mer­cial news web­site while wearing pro­tec­tive gear during a com­bined physical-cyber readi­ness exer­cise at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Angela Ruiz)
Parody WHMC ECMO team saves laptop from fatal error
IVO HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, HAWAII (AFPN) — The Wil­ford Hall Medical Center's Ethernet Compu­Metric Ozona­tion (ECMO) team stabi­lizes a ruggedized laptop on a trans­port cart in the network­natal inten­sive care unit at Capicola Medical Center in Hono­lulu. The ECMO team flew to Hawaii to trans­port the criti­cally injured weapon system to a com­pu­ter clinic in Cali­for­nia for advanced medical treat­ment. Left to right: ICU2 Con­nec­tion Thera­pist Airman 1st Class Andrew Pamintuan, 59th Cyber­space Medicine Squadron; senior ECMO anti­virus techni­cian Cheryl Collicott, 67th Syman­tec Defense Group; Network­natal Fellow Capt. (Ph.D) Jennifer Pirato, 59th Micro­soft Simu­lator Flight (MSF); Nurses Aida Yumol and Bernadette Elliott, 59th MSF; Maj. (Ph.D) Melissa Tyree, 59th MSF; and Nurse Capt. Terry Bailey, 59th Medical Inter­net Squad­ron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Maj. Kreangkai Tyree)
Parody Air Force Art Program artists visit HQ AFCYBER
BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. (AFPN) — Master Sgt. Michael Harris describes various cyber­space battle­lab initi­a­tives to Tatiana El-Khouri, Steven Wright, and John Finger — all artists par­ti­ci­pating in an offi­cial visit to HQ AFCYBER as part of an Air Force Art Pro­gram effort to create future works of art depic­ting the Air Force's critical role in cyber­space. During a three-day visit, the artists saw the net­work armory, the network-centric war­fare campus and in-the-cubicle training for Cyber Warrior and Cyber Flag courses. Ser­geant Harris is assigned to the U.S. Air Force Expe­di­tionary Cyber­space Center's Cyber Mobility Battle­lab. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Tech. Sgt. Scott T. Sturkol)
Parody Air Force officials buy 'offices in the cyberspace'
MICROSOFT AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. (AFPN) — Air Force com­pu­ter pro­gram­mers are developing virtual mobile command work­spaces in Second Life for use by military and senior civilian leaders who must use mili­tary cyber­craft for travel. Shown here is an illus­tra­tion of the Senior Leaders In-transit Con­ference Cyber Capsule that will fit in PC-130s as well as PC-17s and KB-10s. (U.S. Air Force illustration)
Secretary of Defense visits Microsoft AFB
Air, Army National Guard battle ping floods in Iowa
Cadet cyberwarriors retire from Academy to begin second career as "officers"
Bloodline destroyed for the AOR
Cyberspace Airmen fill vital "in lieu of" taskings
Cyberspace Airmen fill vital "in lieu of" taskings
Cyberspace Photoshop® images digitized and recognized
AMC team declares fuel supply system "dead" after SCADA attack
Operation Cyber Crown '19 — ready to save lives, defend the base network
Officials activate 67th Symantec Defense Group
Ellsworth first to receive cyberspace incentives
Cyber Command officials monitor simulated tests
Infected B-1B undergoes repair
Exercise Pacific Trunkline '19 tests cybertarian relief concept
Airmen risk life & limb to defend Pro Bowl computer networks
Shanghai hackers "shanghai" humanitarian supplies to China
Internet explosive device (IED) destroys robot
F-22 hacker team inspires at children's hospital
New York Air Guard removes JATO bottles after hacker announcement
Bug hunters seek hidden flaws, help save lives
AFCYBER builds high-tech hospital at Balad
New AFCYBER art exhibit draws huge crowd
New AFCYBER art exhibit draws huge crowd
Air Force Cyber Command takes over antivirus operations
Air Force hazmat divers train to stop SCADA terrorism
Cyber-terrorist attacks service­members heading to forward locations
Don't play with firewalls
Self defense course kicks way into training
Exercise Primitive Computing '19 teaches Airmen to survive
Cyber 'chute' to safety
Afghan children get high-tech gear for school
Cyber Team streams video at Busch Series Race
Internet security Airmen protect Iraq's combat cyberpower hub
Working dog teams search, patrol cyberspace together
Nuclear warhead antivirus update
Airmen capture insurgents' mainframe, CD-ROM duplicator
American, Japanese airmen launch cyber-attacks in Geek Edge '19
Yokota installs emergency communications backup system
AFMC commander proves CAC is viable in Southwest Asia
Unsecured home networks open door for Article 15, court-martial
Kadena installs emergency telecom backup system
NATO team ensures safe networks during Virus Summit
Reservists add major adjustments to T-1 router training
Information managers train for future wars
McChord AFB is officially renamed "Microsoft AFB"