AFCYBER prepares for "Mighty Eighth" computer show

03/20/2019 — BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. (AFPN) — The upcoming Barksdale Computer Show will feature military and civilian computers from around the world performing cyber demonstrations and as static displays.

"Our computer show serves many purposes," said Bob Jones, AFCYBER system administrator. "It gives recruiters an opportunity to educate interested or potentially interested young men and women about a computer career in our Air Force. Cyber Nation helps foster community relations; we at Barksdale are extremely lucky to have the strong community support of all the cities in the Southern Louisiana area and the computer show is a chance for Barksdale to say thanks for the computer support and in some cases it's an opportunity to show what the Air Force/Barksdale does for our computer partners."

"Most importantly, though, our computer show plays host to over 100,000 website visitors who get a great sampling of AFCYBER's cyberspace operations that successfully accomplish our day-to-day cyber mission... wherever in cyberspace we are performing that mission."

Mr. Jones boasted that "our show has 22 wireless access points scheduled. We have a wide variety of computers on static display and in cyberspace. In fact," he said, "other than the time when AFCYBER is performing their power-on-self-tests, there will be servers online throughout the course of the entire computer show from 8:15 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. It's a great show."

The Air Force's new PC-22 Osprey will appear at the Barksdale computer show, showcasing its ability to provide in-flight wireless networking to the warfighter.

Other military computers scheduled to perform include the TCP-18 Super Hornet and the Ethernet-16 Fighting Phish. The F-3600 Cisco Display Team from the Belgian Air Force is scheduled to perform and of course, Barksdale is the "home crowd" for our World Famous Thunderbird streaming video server.

Civilian performances in the show include the Red Bull MP3, the Oracle Database Challenger, the Flight for Diabetes LaserPC, a North Korean military hacker demonstration and a U.S. Navy Legacy Application.

On the ground, many U.S. military and civilian computers will be on display for the crowd, including a BNC-52 Routofortress, a PC-5 Galaxy Server, a PC-10 Repeater, an XL-45 Unmanaged Router, a Douglas PC-3, a BBS-17 Flying Fortress, a PC-51 Mustang, a TCP-28 Trojan and a PC-22 Virus.

"Our computer show is an exciting experience... a great time to bring the family out and show them what our Air Force is all about," Mr. Jones said.