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Air Force “combat coders” ready to fight North Korea

General Webber revealed “one other computer, in the heart of the capital city, is an embedded Linux box that operates the country’s only street light. We’ll install algorithms to make it blink in ways that will snarl Pyongyang’s traffic like they’ve never seen before. Rickshaws will be trapped in gridlock for days when we get done with their critical infrastructure…”

Twitter founder predicts “thousands” of users will die in Iran

Most of those who will die have each opened a second Twitter account to avoid detection by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards…

Official McAfee tweet drops an F-bomb

An unretouched screenshot in all its glory…

White House deletes “Canada = cyberterror” claim from much-anticipated report

“…such as Canada, which is known to be a haven for cyberterror operatives working to attack the United States…”

Fan of Bruce Schneier sets up fake Twitter site

Let’s hope it’s a fake site…

More recaptioned USAF photos

Military photos with new & improved captions!

New treatments for warriors’ cyberlogical care examined

Trau­matic brain over­load is common with infor­ma­tion over­loads caused by Inter­net explo­sive devices (IEDs) or pene­trating thoughts. These types of over­loads have become rela­tively common in U.S. mili­tary forces who have remotely logged into Iraq and Afghanistan…

Honeyblog: Survival News Network

Someone probably failed to look at the URL and failed to read its content (!) during a quick search for “related blogs”…

Air Force buys Star Trek logo for cyber NAF

The famous “arrowhead insignia” will bolster morale among uniformed personnel, many of whom are longtime fans of the legendary TV shows & movies…

Did kill Cyberspace Command?

A former Air Force Chief of Staff “said he had heard that played some sort of role in [AFCYBER’s] postponement…”