Twitter founder predicts “thousands” of users will die in Iran

June 18th, 2009 by | Print
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Twitter founder Biz Stone, speaking by phone on “The Colbert Report,” predicted his company will lose “thousands” of Twitter users in Iran “when the civil war begins.” Stone went on to say he’s “proud” to be stoking a civil war in a second-world country. “Twitter users around the world are dedicated to the notion of free speech. They’ll gladly give their lives in a hail of military gunfire so their children can freely type 140 characters into a cell phone.”

“I of course regret the fact Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will track down Twitter users and kill them for the capital crime of micro-blogging,” Stone added. “But that’s the power of Twitter for you.”

Stone went on to predict “millions of Twitter users” might die if North Korea invades South Korea as is widely expected. “South Koreans will be tweeting nonstop, and North Korean soldiers will have to kill them just to keep a lid on the news,” he said. “We’ll gladly postpone our routine maintenance if it will help more South Koreans to stand before a firing squad…”


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